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We work with plants, blend them and love them to create an offering of multi-sensory botanical immersion. We keep it simple, just pure ingredients, from the ground or sea -never any synthetics, filers, parabens or otherwise nasty stuff. Also suitable for vegans, aside from our local bio-dynamic honey. Radically botanically based, with the utmost in good intentions and groovy vibes for you, and our sweet home, the Earth. We create for everyone!

We are honored to have been featured in: New York Times, GQ, Allure, Vogue Japan, Men's Journal, Relix Magazine, Midwest Living, Relix

We are the officially licensed line of body care for The Grateful Dead TM 

We love collaborations! We excited to share we were recently featured in the

Anna Sui for Nordstrom Pop In.

We have also collaborated with CAM, Black Pumas, The Grateful Dead, Cat Bird NYC, Sugarhigh Lovestoned and pro-surfer, musician and artist Ozzy Wright.

We are always open to fresh ideas.  (Above photograph by the amazing Valerie of The Eternal Child)

If you wish to read on....

Our travels through out the world have inspired a bit in each of our creations. We embrace the wild yonder, wrap our arms around it, and let it infuse our senses and creativity. Bridges in Amsterdam, architecture in Venice, soft rain in San Francisco, the mountains of Appalachia, snow in the Sonoran desert, markets in Mexico, the seashore in Ireland..... and on and on. All part of the Wild Yonder family consciousness, forever. The wild spaces, the people, the animals, the scents, the skies are part of what we do now, and are somehow transferred into all we create. The rapture of nomadic experiences have laid a foundation of adventure in the design of our packaging, and the way we create botanically. We have gleamed a knowledge of plants and botanicals in far corners of the Earth. Our continued thirst for holistic botanical folk knowledge imbues an ever shifting and evolving offering selection, created with the finest and most consciously produced and procured ingredients. The wild yonder is always there, in stillness and with wide spread arms.

Currently rooted in Wisconsin among the pines, we are Kat and Greg (and our little "son"shine too). In love and cohorts, we continue to refine our reverence and knowledge of the plant kingdom. Founded in 2003, we have been surrounded by their sacredness for 17 years and counting. We approach our work with a joyfulness, aware we are part of a gathering of collected wisdom passed down through humanity. Prior to time recorded, people have been weaved, inseparably, with plants for healing, self care and love.

We honor the work we get to do.

Gratefully, lovingly, the Wild Yonder family.

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