Blue Lotus Herbal Soak Scrub

Blue Lotus Herbal Soak Scrub

Artist Series Packet: featuring the art of Darien Thomas Magee (more info below).

Our herbal soaks can be used as a body relaxing soak or can be used as a body scrub.

Blue Lotus is native to Egypt, growing along the Nile river, held very high by many people throughout history. Is is historically been used for meditation, relaxation, mind expansion and cosmic awareness. A multi-sensory experience for deep botanical connection. 

Ingredients: sea salt, epsom salt, ethically harvested organic Blue Lotus flowers, organic lemon essential oil, biodynamic local (Wisconsin) honey.

2 oz  Take a bath with someone you love.


50 cents of each packet sold will be donated to the artists local food bank, in this case Food Share of Ventura County, California
Artist: Daren Thomas Magee is an Ojai, California based freelance illustrator, muralist and designer. His inspiring art shop is Real Fun, Wow!


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