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Our Slow Glow Candles -Where to begin...

This is our love letter to the candle conissours, groovy couch lounging folks and otherwise aroma addicts in the know. 

When you need some aroma vibes to match a warm glowing mood. Dreamed up and created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hand poured in Los Angeles, California.


5" tall  5 ounce

A plant wax candle, clean burning with a cotton wick and a blend of phalate-free fragrance and essential oils. Hand poured into reclaimed glass, hand blown in Morocco. Yes, every detail has been considered, this has been a labor of love. We are hoping to make your candle dreams come true. Our slow glow candles are made with intention, slowly and consciously crafted.


So to you, our fellow groovy kinda mood devotees, candle hoarders and midnight dancers, we offer our take on the beloved candle.


Candle will either be green, amber or clear glass.


Desert Daze- Notes of petitgrain, pinon, neroli and cedarwood

Inspired by waking up in the Saguaro National Park -on a New Years eve morning with a dusting of magical desert snow.


Slow Glow Candle

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