the Face Serum 4PACK

the Face Serum 4PACK

the Face Serum

Blended with the power of the botanical world to nourish your precious skin with hydration and nutrients. Great care was taken to source the best ingredients and then they were blended with the utmost care and the best of intentions.


4 PACK (RETAIL$98 each)


The super powers of this exquisite cosmic botanical blend...


Snow Mushroom Extract : An incredible hydrator and full of anti-inflammatory properties and used to aid in collagen production.  Rich in Vitamins A (retinol) D and all those good fatty acids.


Plum Kernel Oil : Considered a super fruit, full of fatty acids and Vitamin E. Used to protect against anti-oxidants. 


Sea Buckthorn Oil : Rich in Vitamin C and omega fatty acids.


Frankincense Oil :  Specifically, Frankincense Frereana, known as Frankincense 'Maydi', the King of Frankincense. This oil is from Somalia that is intentionally wild grown and certified organic and sustainable. Held to be sacred for thousands of years, as its aroma is said to assist with the higher self. It has also been used through history for its skin nourishing properties.


Baltic Amber Resin : (dry distilled ancient) We use it for the warm earth rooting aroma as well as its skin soothing gifts.